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Based in Melbourne, Form Concrete Pumping Melbourne provides line concrete pumps with professional and highly experienced operators in the area. We have been in the industry for years and are one of the top providers. We offer concrete pumping services to a range of different projects, from residential to commercial.

A vast majority of Australia’s buildings rely on concrete, and it is one of the strongest and safest building materials available. But to ensure success, high-quality machinery and operators are needed, so safety standards are adhered to, and costly mistakes are prevented. We have a trained team and quality, well-maintained line concrete pumps, so you can be assured of the best service from booking till completion.

Professional & Reliable Concrete Pumps Hire Melbourne

concrete line pump used by concreters for a concrete pumping project

Concrete Pump Hire Rates

The price of hiring concrete pumps varies depending on the pump’s type and size, concrete type, how long you need them, travel costs, and many other factors. While hourly rates are provided here as a guide, please get in touch with us to receive an exact price quote on our pumps.

Our Concrete Line Pump Hourly Rate


Hourly Rate

Cubic Metre

Travel Time 1 Hour

Line Pump




The above charges are not inclusive of 10% GST.

Minimum Charges:

  • 4-Hour Charge 

*Remember, all projects are different, so rates will vary. Kindly call us for an accurate quote based on your needs.

Our Commitment to Work Health & Safety

One of the reasons why we are the top concrete pump hire contractors in Melbourne is because we care for our employees. We do proper diligence in all aspects of worksite safety. From planning and preparation to training and supervision, we ensure the highest Workplace Health and Safety standards are always met. We are not just fully insured but also have work cover registered for your peace of mind.

Concrete Pumping Services

Form Concrete Pumping Melbourne can provide you with boom and line concrete pumps of all capacities and all access. We service surbubs right across Melbourne and it’s surrounding and provide concrete pumping in Melton. Our pumps and trucks are certified, plant registered and inspected annually. Our fleet is regularly serviced to check for damages. We maintain a quick turnaround time by keeping our pumps clean, so they are ready to go when you need them. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure you have skilled operators and the highest quality pump trucks you need to complete your project.

Our fleet and flexible concrete pump hire options for projects in Melbourne include:

Concrete Line Pump Victoria

Concrete line pumps are very useful in everyday applications for jobs where boom pumps would be difficult to reach. The concrete pump is mounted on a truck or placed on top of the trailer. Our line concrete pump is already assembled together, allowing you to save time. Our versatile concrete line pumps cover a wide range of jobs. There are different concrete placing hoses attached to the outlet of the pump. Our experts will link the hoses together to reach the area where concrete needs to be poured. We can deliver line pumps for your project anywhere in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

Small Concrete Pump Hire

Over the years, we have faced situations where we had to reach difficult areas. These areas were difficult to reach with the help of a line pump or a boom pump. However, we were not disheartened. We introduced a small concrete pump hire that allowed our operators to reach areas with difficult access. With the help of our small concrete pumps, we can easily complete such projects. You can depend on our machines and our operators to get the job done you hired us for.

Concrete Boom Pump Hire

Boom concrete pumping is another one of our most popular services, and we are specialists at it. The concrete boom pump we have available for this job provides the best possible efficiency. The pump has an articulating arm, much like a crane, that places concrete where it is needed. We pour the concrete accurately as you need and have a reverse function too. Form Concrete Pumping Melbourne provides a range of concrete pumps to help you complete projects throughout Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

Our Residential Concrete Pumping Capabilities

Our Concrete Pumping Melbourne fleet and team are perfect for all your residential concrete pumping requirements. We have helped hundreds of families to build their dream homes and even developers looking to build their dream residential estates. Our dedicated team will pair you with the right pump needed for your job.

Your residential project can be completed with our fleet of concrete pumps for:

Our Commercial Concrete Pumping Capabilities

Commercial concrete jobs are both technically challenging and of a larger scale than residential projects. We have the capability to handle all your commercial and industrial needs. Our exceptional team, in combination with our modern and comprehensive concrete pumping fleet, strives to provide you with industry-best service on every project.

We routinely carry out commercial concrete pumping services for projects such as:

Need Concrete Pumping Services for Your Next Project?

Determining the exact needs of your project can be overwhelming. Finding streamlined processes for your project so that it is completed on budget and on time can be difficult. Let us help!

With our reputation for quality tools and exceptional customer service, for Melbourne concrete pumping we are your reliable partner. Our years of experience in the industry have given us the expertise to find the right pumping equipment for every project we have been part of. Our team can assess your project needs and the safety requirements for concrete pumping and deliver the most affordable quotes and practical timeline.

To request a quote for the next time you need a concrete pump or request further information about our services, contact us at (03) 9122 5262!